800-922-0204 — Everything You Need to Know

It was recently reported that scammers are spoofing on Verizon’s customer service with caller ID 800-922-0204. The report stated that the said caller is offering refunds on users ranging between 30-60 US dollar. In return, the recipients need to give personal information to process such refund and service credit. In spite of asking for personal information, many customers believe that the call is from by Verizon Wireless.


However, it is now easy to fake the caller ID with the help of some programs. With that being said, scammers can easily make calls claiming they are from Verizon. So if ever you receive a call from this number, ask what is the purpose of the call and do not give any personal information unless you verified that the call was legitimate.

For more info, visit our official site. You can find details about the phone numbers 916-589-8603, 312-578-7022, 1-800-672-8150, and 1-866-576-1039.

800-922-0204: How to Know if this is Verizon’s Hotline

To know if this number is owned and associated with Verizon Wireless, visit Verizon Wireless Contact Us page. The page indicates that 800-922-0204 is their customer service number. You can call them through this hotline if you have questions or if you receive any suspicious call from their phone number. Customers are provided with some answers to common inquiries which are posted on their website.

Other methods to contact Verizon:

  • Chat with their customer service representative.
  • Connect with the company’s Messenger account.
  • Visit Community Forums
  • 888-294-6804 – Customer Service (Prepaid)
  • 888-262-1999 – National Accessibility
  • 800-225-5499 – Sales and Consumers
  • 800-465-4054 – Sales and Business
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How to Avoid Phone Scammers

To avoid phone scammers we made a list that can help you. Here are some few things to remember when you receive a call from unknown numbers.

  • 1. Avoid answering unknown calls– Unknown calls are calls from unknown numbers that are sometimes placed by random people to offer services. If you can’t avoid answering that call, be mindful of every piece of information you have to give to the caller.
  • 2. Do not make transactions involving money– Those random people who make calls and offer services usually ask for subscription fees or sell some good and products. If you make a deal with them, they will ask you to send the money or ask for your bank details.
  • 3. Subscribe to a call blocking services– There are apps for mobile phones and landlines that offers call blocking. These programs can automatically block the unknown numbers from reaching your phone. Normally, you have to pay for subscribing to these call blocking apps.
  • 4. Do not give personal information to unknown callers– Your personal information must be secured all the time. These include your name, birthday, address, ID numbers, and bank accounts. There are also instances that scammers are asking for your family members’ identity. Beware that they can use your information to make prohibited acts, and that will put you in harm and danger.
  • 5. Check if the call is legitimate– Oftentimes, a caller mentions the name of the company which they claim to be their employer. Once you got any information about the company, you must do a research to know if the call is legit.

To do that, search the number in Google. Companies always put their customer service number on their website in case of any assistance. If you can’t find the number, you may search on community forums to find topics related to that number.

In Conclusion

We hope that this post cleared your suspicions about the number 800-922-0204. However, you should still be aware of the calls you are about to receive even after reading this article.

If you have concerns, do not hesitate to leave them inside the comment box below. We are glad to be of help to you.

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  1. I downloaded a call blocker as your article suggested and now I can’t get it to delete off my I phone! Thanks a lot Verizon!???? The app is robo killer do you have any suggestions as to how I can accomplish this task!?????????


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